Kneel, bitches! (c) sincerely Loki

open wounds - skillet
and you can’t stop me from falling apart ‘cause my self destruction is all your fault
how could you
how could you hate me when all I wanted to be was you

throwdown – pillar
and I will settle for no less than the best I’ve got to give
only the strong survive when I try to take you down
toe to toe pound for pound
it’s time to step up
it’s time to throwdown

slow fade – casting crowns
it’s a slow fade when black and white have turned to grey
and thoughts invade
choices are made
a price will be paid
when you give yourself away
people never crumble in a day

no parade – jordin sparks
just another day like any other nothing in the sky said run for cover
just another reason thought it would never end this way
there was no parade

used to - daughtry
I used to reach for you when I got lost along the way
I used to listen you always had the just right thing to say
I used to follow you

long gone and moved on – the sсript
’cause I still don’t know how to act don’t know what to say
still wear the scars like it was yesterday

the outsiders - needtobreathe
close calls when no one wins
standing tall but wearing thin

which to bury, us or the hatchet? – relient k
what happened to us? I heard it’s me we should blame
what happened to us? why didn’t you stop me from turning out this way?

lost then found – leona lewis ft onerepublic
why do we say things we can’t take back and why do we miss what we never had?
both of us fell to the ground the love was so lost it couldn’t be found
what would it take to forget who’s blamed?

love the way you lie – eminem ft. rihanna
you swore you’d never hit ‘em never do nothing to hurt ‘em
now you’re in each other’s face spewing venom and your words when you spit ‘em

kiss with a fist – florence and the machine
my black eye casts no shadow your red eye sees no pain
your slaps don’t stick your kicks don’t hit
so we remain the same


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